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February 7, 2016

Superbowl Day Puttering

Boy do we have Barbies at the store.

I’m pretty much ignoring the Superbowl.  George may watch it.  The game may be good this year, he tells me.  I admit to enjoying the creativity of the commercials.  I watched that whole show about the Superbowl commercials and disagreed with the editors about number one.  I love the Mean Joe Green Coke ad.  Did you know Mr. Green drank seventeen or eighteen cokes during the filming?  There’s also the Budweiser puppy too.  Ah well.

So while much of the world watches this brutal ball game, I’m still moving the best of my photos into Photo bucket.  Every day I still check with Snapfish to see if they have reinstalled the address link, but not yet.  I’ll take a shower sometime here.  Layout some basic business clothes for the meeting tonight.  Jewelry?  Reading?  The sun is out, and I may take my camera out into the world.

All the Superbowl fuss is going on right now.  I’m writing. 


  • Himself:  Not ok after last night’s Chinese dinner but ok today.
  • Herself:  Fat but good.
  • Reading:  Bararar…really good.
  • Gratitudes:  That this day is so good.

  • February 4, 2016

    Orts of the Day

    ·       It’s World Cancer Day.  Coming as I do from a two disease family, alcoholism and cancer, I pay attention to World Cancer Day.  I’m sure I told you before that both my mother and father had cancer.  My father died of it.  My best friend died of breast cancer as did an awful lot of other friends.  Please get screened.  Thanks.
    ·       It’s also “I shouldn’t drive without coffee” day.  I drove to Hillcrest for my yearly blood draw without coffee, breakfast, or meds.  I survived, and so did everyone else.  The Florida driver who changed lanes into me should appreciate my highly honed, automatic braking reflexes.  I did not give him the finger.  I’m home and have had coffee and meds.  Life moves on.
    ·       Just for those out here on the West Coast of America.  It was 48 in Hillcrest this morning and 52 here…..11.11111 to 8.88888….oh, Brrrr…
    ·       It was fun working with the books yesterday.  I think we have all the Star Trek books among the mountains of stuff.  I brought home one that’s titled, “Catalog Copy That Sizzles.”  I had hopes that the book might energize my imagination about the copy I write every day on Facebook.  Most days my copy lies limp, but I’m trying for zip. 
    ·       The sun is out, and I am thinking of driving down to the bay today camera in hand.  You never know what you will find tucked into a corner.

    •      Himself:  Really pretty good….I quote him directly.
    • Herself:  He brought me yogurt.  Yes, I am so spoiled, but so is he.  Perhaps we spoil each other.
    • Reading:  A JA Jance new one to me.
    • Gratitudes:  That my coffeeless bad temper didn’t last long.

    February 3, 2016

    Mostly Mage

    The day I joined the Army.  I loved that baby blue, adult dress.

    Snapfish made the decision not to add an address link to their customer’s pictures.  I’m sorry.  They have been a very reliable photo host.  Very.  Here I now am at Photobucket about which I hear complaints.  Ah well.  So far it’s worked.  I now have an album for my mother, one for G and I, and now I am doing one that’s “Mostly Mage.”

    I’m sorry to lose the easy accessibility to all those pictures.  Not every photo in every category is on this computer’s hard drive.  Most are over there on that other one.   For a while, I won’t be out there taking pictures, I will be in here puttering with Photobucket instead. 

  • Himself:  Feeling OK, he says from work.
  • Herself:  Finished the newest and signed Bujold. It’s not as good as the others.  I was glad to read it anyway.  Anesthetic reaction still with me.  Playing with books today.
  • Reading:  An older Bujold.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here to read.  LOL