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June 30, 2015

The Little Bits of Summer

“Are you wearing your costume to Comic Con this year?”  Asks the man at the cleaners.

“We are having a mural artist from Comic Con come to speak to us,” says friend Camille. “He’s the one who did all the murals behind the fossils at the museum.”

“What are you doing for the 4th,” asks a lifeguard.

“Another friend talks to me while we jog in the water.  “What are you doing today.”

I love conversations like these.  They make me feel busy and useful and part of the community in a different way.  “Today, I’m talking to my friend Bobbie then grocery shopping.  This afternoon, I will be working on an essay about sail training ships.” 

“How do you spell that?” Asks another water walker. 

“S-A-I-L,” I reply laughing.

No, I’m not wearing my steampunk clothes.  Or, maybe I am, but I have two weeks to think about it.  The murals…I’ll have to go see them.  Yes, we meet the Captain and her sister for Breakfast this Friday before I go to work.  Yes too, we are going down to the Maritime Museum for a BBQ and the fireworks.  Yes, Comic Con is two weekends away.  I have all my paperwork done and I am ready to go.

Imagine…all this and today we are gifted with sunshine too.

  • Himself:  The new computer is working, and he’s made backup discs.  He loves the idea of fireworks off the Stern of the Berkeley on an extra day he has off.
  • Herself:  Bobbie is building a table.  Ah well.  I’ll finish this and go get groceries.  Later I will finish the inventory and start writing about the three German sail training vessels we still have.
  • Reading:  Back to Jance #4.  Looking up Bishop on the library database.
  • Gratitudes:  Guidance.

  • June 29, 2015

    Stairs to Nowhere

    Stairs to nowhere.

    George and I headed off to the second wave of that Point Loma estate sale on Saturday Morning.  The first time I was there, all I saw were the books.  The second visit, we had been allowed into the garage and the first floor and I hadn’t looked beyond these.  This time, I saw the Mission Style house and it’s adaptations with far clearer eyes.

    Lovely, big rooms opening out toward the bay.  Marvelous built in bookcases surrounded real rooms not just combined spaces.  French doors between the living room and the hall.  French doors opening into the dining room.  Delightful bathroom tile and a tub placed in the center of the very big bathroom.  A real pantry.  A sun porch too.  All this on a large hillside plot of land.

    Which had been sold off bit by bit.  Closed off stairways led to the space where there had once been a street on one side.  The same on the other side.  Now homes lived in these spaces.  The original front entrance stairs were also closed off now leading only to a wall.  Sometime in the seventies, a shaped pool and hot tub were installed in the old front yard.  Now it was filled with algae in several shades of green.

    The mom and dad died sometime in the nineties.  Their son lived in collapsing rooms in the basement while the over full, upstairs rooms moldered.

  • Himself:  Gym.  Fighting with his new Windows 8.1 work computer.  Not happy at all.
  • Herself:  Half effort at the pool first thing.  Visited with my program mentor.  Begun a new inventory.  Discovered I forgot my breakfast.
  • Reading:  A just arrived volume 3 in the Brady Arizona mysteries.  I had not read two, three, or four.  Stopped by bookstore and found more Bishops.  Will see if I can buy them used.
  • Gratitudes:  The beautiful day.  Books.  Clear thinking.

  • June 27, 2015

    Errand Saturday

    Mission San Juan Capistrano half destroyed arch with bougainvillea.

    I like Errand Saturdays.  I need two handles for things in the kitchen.  I need to get new photography for Great Curves store and the other shop by Liberty station for their Facebook pages.  A second weekend of that huge sale on the side of the point is ongoing too.  Still lots of books but now the second story and the basement are open to the public.  It’s like going to Disneyland or climbing the Matterhorn.  An adventure that leaves us smiling.

    Humidity and sprinkles pour up from Mexico.  We are used to fogs, but not real rain like what I see on television.  Speaking of television, Time has an article on the millennials spending habits.  44% under 35 don’t have TV.  Only 32% have their savings in Stocks.  They don’t buy homes, don’t drink mass market beer, and most importantly don’t buy cars.  That jars me.  I cannot imagine the freedom to go where I want when I want.  For years I have taken the bus or trolley knowing I would have a two hour ride ahead of me. 

    Do you have good public transportation?  How do you feel about this?

  • Himself:  Installing his new work computer.  It’s been a two day struggle.  Looking forward to some shopping then the museum.
  • Herself:  Grumpy sparkles.  Have a new Friday helper and wore myself out training her.  Read then BBQ.
  • Reading:  Finished the “Other” trilogy by Bishop.  Well done stuff.
  • Gratitudes:  Bishop for days of entertainment, George for last nights BBQ which was really good….as were his brownies.   Grateful for the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday.