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January 26, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 21: Dale

This grainy picture of Dale was taken in the front yard of the beach cottage in 1982.

Dale Thomas Craig worked as Sheriff’s Staff, and he supported artists.  He stuck by me when everyone else had given up.  He saw something no one else did.  With art supplies in hand, he bought my small output, he ordered art, he took me to openings.  He fed me.  Because of Dale, my world grew beyond drugs and alcohol.  He died young with an AIDS related disease.  I really miss him.

  • Himself:  His sense of humor has returned, and he had a good weekend.  Lost weight too.  It’s his birthday today.  He’s 29….again, he says.

  • Herself:  According to WW, I lost 4.1 pounds.

  • Reading:  Nothing, but the books are piled everywhere.

  • Balance:  Getting wet.

  • January 25, 2015

    B&W Challenge: Day 20: Brother and Sister

    Alex and Megan.  They do look alike, don’t they.  For me, this more journalistic composition works.  More of a documentary style.  Taken Christmas 2006.

  • Himself:  Enjoyed breakfast with longtime friend Monica and her husband Dennis.  At the museum, only two kids were cranky, and at Costco what we wanted wasn’t on the shelves.
  • Herself:  My life would not be the same without Monica.  Yet we have not seen each other for 25 years.  It was good to see her again, but next time perhaps we need to discuss why.  Napped, read, dinner at Costo, such a quiet day.
  • Reading:  Finished Christopher Buckley’s book about the death of his “Mum and Pup” within a year.
  • Balance:  The quiet.

  • January 24, 2015

    B&W Challenge: Day 19: Zoe

    The youngest and last granddaughter.  She surprised me yesterday by answering the phone as an adult, and telling me to wait just a moment please.  Following all that politeness, only then did she yell for her mother.  This image was taken Christmas of 2008.

  • Himself:  Gym first.  Then Friday he worked very hard supervising the carpet cleaners while doing subrogations.  Today, Saturday breakfast with old friends before the museum.

  • Herself:  Lots and lots of small donations at the Discovery shop Friday.  Many of the book shelves are half empty tho.  Donations are down.  Yesterday, dinner, meeting, TV, and today breakfast with maybe friends.

  • Reading:  John Kenneth Galbraith recommended that everyone read William F. Buckley for the writing and ignore the content.  I’m having trouble with the content.

  • Balance:  Doing my hand exercises.