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October 24, 2014

Football Handed Me

Steam engine on it’ side.  Alaska.`

(I apologize for the lack of capitols.  One handed typing is not my forte.  This is written so I will remember.  I apologize if my surgery synopsis bothers anyone.)

We were there on time.  The prep lasted 2 hours.  G stayed for a while but was hungry and wanted coffee.  I was cranky without mine - come to think of it.  He left and they walked me in…a first.  The anesthesiologist was a little younger than me and carefully discussed my anesthesia problems with me.  Same stuff as last time was ok with me. 

I woke to Jell-O and chocolate pudding which stayed down nicely.  2 hrs in the recovery room.  Home with G to climb my stairs which didn’t work well at all.  I was reduced to groaning nausea which gratefully went away before lunch and a nap and dinner and toss and turn all night with lots of tylanol to aleve my soul.

A coughing G brought me breakfast  Enough was enough after the days of ear ache, vomiting, and now upper respiratory something.  I made him go to the doc’s who didn’t know what he had either.

Nap, type this, and read.  What more could a well bandaged old lady want.  Tonight we will watch the prerecorded finale of Project Runway. 

  • Himself:  Got pills and instructions from the doc.  At work almost all day.  Feeling better this afternoon.
  • Herself:  Pretty good if I don’t move my football of a bandage.
  • Reading: sister Fidelia historical mysteries .  I’m enjoying this one, and the OR nurse was delighted to find a new-to-her volume.
  • Balance:  Pretty darned good now that himself is better.

  • October 22, 2014

    Tomorrow and Tomorrow

    Tea with honey please
    I smile as you pour
    from the round table
    by the long windows

    you smile back as
    I wait, watching the world
    wake, the rising sun
    turn the sky to blue

    The fogs move back
    out to sea while I sit
    waiting on the

  • Himself:  Feeling better now.  Ate dinner, had ice cream, but he still sounds pathetic.  Three NCIS’s now.  That’ll perk him up even further.

  • Herself:  I feel fine.  Done all the pre-op for the second time now.  (Leave partial, leave jewelry, take these meds, go to second floor.)  One new question: “ Have you traveled in the last two weeks.”  “No I hadn’t,” I could answer.  Now I have a pile of papers and reminder notes to take with me.  Another new one was to shower with antibacterial soap.

  • Reading:  An old short story book of Anne McCaffrey’s.  It was just sitting there when I headed out for PT at seven.  Now finishing a Sister somebody from 750 ad.  A little dry.

  • Balance:  Feeling in a holding pattern until eight tomorrow.  Grateful I get to go to work today.

  • October 20, 2014

    Of Mice and Men

    Poolie was commenting last month on how few folks were stopping by her blog these days. I find that my visitor count is about the same, but my notes are few. I think that journaling and blogging have become an old folks sport while the young have migrated over to Instagram and Tweeting. Perhaps the young are even moving away from Facebook….which is a shame.
    I realize that everyone is saturated by breast cancer awareness these days; but I was truly sorry that my post generated only one comment in a 24 hour period. There was more content than just breast cancer.
    Today I write about the flu. The Great G seems to have a mild version of it despite having had the flu shot. Grumpy’s dome lights and outside work lights wouldn’t turn on after the installation of the alarm. So with G sick, it was my job to take Grumpy to the alarm company. After a brief pause in the back of the shop, the installation person called me to look at the dashboard. There’s a tiny override button, you see. And “despite driving Grumpy for all those years, I’d never pushed it,” I told the young man….
    ….feeling very foolish. Of course. You would think you would know a vehicle if you drove it for twenty years.

    • Himself: Told work he was sick between trips to the bathroom. Wore a Mickey Mouse tie to last nights meeting…where they say he has to wear a tie. Perhaps that was an opinion.
    • Herself: Swam. Waiting for the weather to decide what it’s doing. Rain? Heat?
    • Reading: ”Shroud for the Archbishop,” Tremayne. Pretty good so far.
    • Balance: My tummy is fine, for which I am grateful. Margot called to tell me two things she remembered that I did well as a mother.  Did I say "OY!"