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September 2, 2014

Festival of Sail - I

Aboard the Star Of India.

I learned a lot this hot day by the bay. 

The ships were beautiful, but they were almost all small.  Next year there will be bigger ships.  One has to invite them years in advance.  I learned that something has gone wrong with me, and that I can do very little in the heat.  I kept trying tho…never give up.

I took one hundred and sixty eight pictures.  George, who put up with my pauses, took just a few less.  We had a great time but came home to sleep early.  I even took a nap with my chin on my chest in front of my computer.

On and off during this last week, I read “Orange is the New Black.”  I was very moved by her experiences, and too, her writing.  I’ve been in our local jail twice.  Once for growing marijuana for sale.  No one would listened to my protests on this.  If your husband grew marijuana, you did too.  I made a black with tiny white striped suit to wear to court.  Maybe the stripes were too wide.  We received three years supervised probation.

Again, years later, jail for drinking and driving.  Frankly they shouldn’t have bailed me out nor QR, quick released, me out.  They should have left me there to rot.  Maybe I would have gotten treatment sooner.

Vietnam era Swift Boat.

This day we rode the newest acquisition, a Vietnam era Swift Boat.  A gentleman who had trained on these craft told us all about them and how they were used during the sixties.  They are aluminum.  One shot would go right through them.  We whipped down the bay at nine knots, then 14 knots.  We were told that this swift aluminum boat will go 28 knots top speed.


More stories and pictures later.  Lots, but right now I’m off to the orthopedic doc for hip, shoulder, and thumb inspections.

August 31, 2014

Confessions of a Slob

America entering the San Diego harbor, 2009.

Perhaps every home has a moment like this.  We rush in after work.  That bag or this bag will be going somewhere else tomorrow, so we put the bag down in the garage.  Dear G puts things on the bed lid of the truck or in front of the shelving.  I have a tendency to put things on the BBQ or the floor near it.  Or the washer.  Or the dryer.

Pretty soon, the garage is edged with bags, boxes, or a miscellaneous of containers.  Like lace or fringe.

I announced loudly this week that we were cleaning out the garage today.  “I don’t see why we can’t get rid of things,” I said knowing that thought was premature.  Still, after we make our cake, I hope we will go down and dent the garage cacophony before we go buy him a new phone.  Yes, washing a phone will kill it.

Tomorrow we will go down to the harbor and see the ships of the “Festival of Sail.” 

  • Himself:  Playing his game.
  • Herself:  Writing you before diving into the dust of the garage.
  • Reading:  ”Orange is the New Black.”  She writes well.
  • Balance:  Licking the mixer beaters.

  • August 30, 2014

    Change is in the Air

    The Great Geezer rolling the BBQ into the car wash.  2014.

    “What are your plans for today,” the Great Geezer asked me naively.

    He didn’t really want to know.  “Clean the  BBQ, start cleaning out the garage, and dinner with Dr. Jim at 1630 after the museum.”

    “What time is the WW Saturday morning meeting,” I asked later…and that’s how we began the day.

    Then instead of half an hour of lecture, we were off to clean the BBQ for the last time.  We asked several times at the meeting last night if there was someone who would take on the commitment.  We had taken back the BBQ from a gentleman who abandoned it, and we had had it a year now.  Several folks asked questions, and no one leapt forward to take the job.  We will not store it either.  Enough. 

    Fresh bread smells now wash away the taste of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner.  The new, young, car wash owners are glad to see the back of us.  They wanted cars not BBQ’s in their washing bays.  We smiled and didn’t point out that we spent twice as much money.

    The sun is coming out.  San Diego is the primo destination of vacationers this Labor Day AAA tells us.  We could have told them that easily.  We will enjoy the city ourselves.  Perhaps we will stop by the festival of sail after we bake a cake.

  • Himself:  Not leaving town.  The museum will be hot today.  He will pick me up after his shift then we will drive down and get Dr. Jim.  Gained two pounds.

  • Herself:  Blog notes: I've changed the format as I am getting about 125 spans a day.  I'm so sorry.  Last week, gained one.  This week, gained nothing.  Salad for dinner.

  • Reading:  Ben Aaronovitch’s “Midnight Riot.”  Well written but a bit strange.  I think I will buy the next two in the series as I appreciate his new voice.

  • Balance:  Looking forward to a really quiet weekend.