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December 17, 2014

Hamburger, Hamburger

I’m attempting to join the 30 in 30 black and white photo group.  The biggest struggle I’ve had is clarifying this Hodad’s double hamburger with cheese. 

The first attempt didn’t look like a hamburger any more.  This second attempt has a little Padres logo paper around it to set it off slightly.  All I have is one shot to work from.  It’s amazing how much definition color gives an image.  Ansel Adams was still working on one shot he took decades earlier at the time of his death. 

I shan’t give up either.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, play.

  • Herself:  Book day today.  I’m wearing my thumb brace, but I’ve had to line it as my skin there is uber sensitive.

  • Reading:  Nothing at this exact moment.  Amazing.
  • Weather:  Here, wonderful pouring rain, no flooding, but the rest of the state is getting washed away.

  • Balance:  A much loved grandson called.  You will never know how jazzed I am, G is too.  We were thinking his mom read my yesterday’s blog.  Breakfast the Sunday after we get back to find out how he is.

  • December 16, 2014

    The Migratoryness of Days

    Pigs for Christmas?

    Margot is coming by to get her child support this morning, and she will be taking all her presents home with her.  Daughter Laka got one…and it was a little over budget.  Yes, we have a budget for the kids holiday gifts.  Daughter Margot got all sorts of seven, two, five, forty, and three dollar things plus a little cash.  It looks very unequal, but financially it’s equal. 

    We will be returning from our trip on the 26th, and will stop by Margot’s house on the way home.  Another friend is in town the same day at the same time, and I think we will not be seeing her because of this.  Missing her “fer sure.”  I miss my cranky and loved daughter Laka too and so wish she would be here rather than there.  Ah well.  I hope she is happy there.

    Christmas and Grandkids.  They are one of the sorrows of my life.  One family isn’t speaking to us because we are not proper Christians.  Another, much loved family, has been seen only fractionally all year as illness and other important things have kept them close to home.  We used to email or chat on Facebook.  No more, and I miss the contact.  Reluctantly, G and I have made the decision that if a grandkid makes no effort to contact us this year, we shan’t send them a present.  Just a card if we have their email addresses.

    I hate that decision.

    Cards.  I sent out e-cards this year, but the new email program didn’t let me address them properly.  You would have had a good laugh at me and my frustrations as I struggled with the addresses.  In some cases I sent out three cards perhaps to the same person.  I can’t see the BCC’s, so I have no idea what I did.  Grrrrrr.  Those cards haven’t migrated back en mass, so maybe I did something right.

    Margot has been and gone….happily.  All the presents are packed into her car and they are heading north now to miss the incoming rain.  She says she won’t put them out as she is a peeker.  Zoe is a peeker too.  “You have to put them out,” I said sternly…half in pretend.  Our tree looks bare now without presents.  Interesting how presents migrate.

  • Himself:  (Getting him to put new pictures up on his blog makes me need to go to Alanon.)  Gym, work, a couple of meals, and a triple NCIS night.
  • Herself:  Hit two thrift stores looking for a new black coat and several new lime green shirts.  Found the coat.  Today: Gym, 5 minutes with M, maybe more shirt searching.  Dinner?  Maybe meatloaf.  All these decisions.
  • Reading:  An author that I’m almost fond of.  He get’s his main characters in horrible difficulties and lets the bad guy take over a lot of the book…in Italics too.
  • Balance:  Not thinking of how fast my days are migrating.

  • December 15, 2014

    Mondays, Mondays.

    The ice skating rink outside Horton Plaza. 

    We had a delightful dinner by the bay, then went downtown for desert before the concert.  Horton Plaza was open.  They had a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream place…which we patronized, but the rest of the mall was almost empty.  The farther we got from the front of the mall, the more empty stores we encountered.  At the height of the Holiday shopping season, while all the other local malls are jammed with customers, the dramatic architecture of Horton Plaza was almost devoid of decoration.  No carols, no music of any kind to jostle the few shoppers into seasonal feelings.  It was one of the saddest things I’d seen in years.
    Built in the 1920’s, the now restored Balboa Theater proscenium arch with side fountains.

    The Gay Men’s Chorus’ singing was flat out glorious.

    “I’m feeling the holiday now that I’ve heard them sing,” George told me on the way home.

    I confess, I’m still humming some of the music.  There was a good sized crowd to appreciate the large variety of holiday songs.  Jewish, Russian, contemporary, classical, blues, and the traditional.  We doted on it all.  Toe tapping was the name of the game.

    Upper balcony.

    We had a group of four old friends to our right in the front row of our wonderful Loge seats.  One of them had sung in the chorus years ago.  To our left was a young lady….perhaps in her thirties, who arrived with a glass of wine.  Came back with a second glass of wine, and lastly, as the second half began, with a scotch and water.  Moments later she passed out and missed all the glory of the season.

    Mage in the Loge.

  • Himself:  Work, meeting, baking bread.  He’s a comfortable man today.
  • Herself:  Dozing, posting pictures here or there on the web, shopping, picking up the house.  Simplicity.  Baked potatoe and salad for dinner.
  • Reading:  Another light bit of fluff with a similar plot line to the last.  Always wonder why I bring them home….Title?  Photo on the cover?
  • Balance:  Lunch.