POSTCARDS....a small card with a picture on one side...

March 27, 2015


For years I had an image of a rusty old railroad engine boiler as my desktop.  Green on the bottom, terra cotta in the middle, and blue grey on top.  Simple.  Quiet.  I was able to work on top of it without much distraction.  After this last time I recreated my computer, I must have moved that image to my backup.  Oh, Grrr….I couldn’t find it.

I love the USCG Training Ship Eagle, so I tried a picture of this ship.  Nope.  Too busy.  It took me a few days to figure out that I needed something quiet.  There were a couple of meditative images in the black and white series, and I found this one suited me.  Yes, the white is a little massive, but still the whole is quiet.

What do you like on your desktops?

  • Himself:  Yesterday: gym, worked, made bread.  Today, gym, work, laundry, and meeting.  Tomorrow will be Mikey’s memorial gathering at Petco Park in the park.
  • Herself:  Pool work.  Hot days.  Ocular Hypertension.
  • Reading:  ”Being Mortal,” a very well written, can’t put down, change the way we think volume.
  • Balance:
  • Reading.

    March 24, 2015

    Multiplying Bunnies

    We are being very picky about our bunnies, our chicks, and our décor at the store this year.  Somehow, last year’s bunnies won’t do for this year, and they’ve been donated to us by the acre.  They are everywhere.  We are really grateful.

    The Discovery Shop here is a very busy store run by one part time manager, and one very, very part time semi manager.  All the rest of us are volunteers.  Our manager is the best one they have and is willing to rearrange and redesign the store regularly to bring in more business.  It works. 

    Right now she is being ruthless with bunnies.  If a bunny shows the least spot or wear, out it goes to Father Joe/St. Vincent de Paul’s.  I confess that I’ve rescued a bunny or two out of the Father Joe pile lately.  Sentimental me.  Then one of the other ladies wants the bunny, and off it goes to a new home….not mine.  You would laugh at me.  Once we flipped a coin over a bunny.  I lost. 

    George is very grateful I haven’t brought these multiplying rabbits home.

  • Himself:  Working hard on his wrecks.  He says he is having fun.  He wants to watch all three NCIS’s at once tonight.
  • Herself:  Enabling and disabling plugins that don’t play well with Google is something I am getting better at.  Pool, yogurt, post pictures, groceries, lunch, meeting, putter online for a while, make more potatoe salad, dinner, NCIS….perhaps only two.
  • Reading: Just finished, “Mrs. Queen Rides the Train.”  Delightful.
  • Balance:Being polite to a rude misogynist.

  • March 23, 2015

    A Busy Birthday

    Rush, she forgot her glasses, wait, rush again….you have had mornings like this.  Yesterday we did.  Zoe’s birthday, and we met Zoe and her mom for breakfast at Perry’s Breakfast Café for our high fat, high carb breakfast.  She’s ten.

    What joy.  Far better focus than earlier years.  Easier to be with.  Her mom seemed to enjoy the meal better uttering only a few lost cries of, “Fork!”  Zoe got to ride home with us in Grumpy and loved it.  Then again, Grampa can do no wrong.  I moved on to making ten pounds of potatoe salad and G enough brownies to feed at least 40.

    We got to the Church early to help with setup…tables and chairs outside for about 200 and chairs inside for about 400.  G helped; I didn’t.  Then we all waited and waited for the “speaker” to arrive.  He didn’t.  No one knows what happened, but Lois stepped in to pinch speak, and everything worked well.  All the potatoe salad was eaten.  All the brownies were eaten….of course, and a kind man in the kitchen washed all the dishes. 

    I didn’t lose a thing this busy day.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, life is good.
  • Herself:  Wants to find a new way of communicating with the  speaker.
  • Reading:  The Queen Rides the Train.  So far delightful.
  • Balance:  Standing on one foot in pool.